BBILLER is a trustee company operating on behalf of its member community, in the information technology and media industry, specializing in blockchain solutions for global supply chain participants. Our mission is to enable any organization to leverage blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence technology to reduce the friction in the demand, supply, delivery and payment of goods and services. Our key areas of focus are banking and financial services, payments and finance, pre and post award procurement, logistics and transport, IOT, AI and providence. As a highly differentiated supplier of open source and commercial software infrastructure, we are uniquely positioned owing to our conformance with international standards, partnerships, interoperability and distributed decisioning via tokenization of our business operations and patentable technology, We are leading the way in decentralized applications which revolutionize the traditional model of centralized banking systems and greedy corporate control models.

Transaction performed at the BREW are progressively being added to the blockchain to ensure visibility of all transactions made in the BREW network.

Our transition plan for Corporate and Government is a Solution for Trade, Logistics and international payment settlement Integrating with Blockchain Smart Contracts.

The BBILLER company is moving away from corporatisation to a distributed autonomous network of advisors. Our first design is for a completely disintermediated solution connecting the world’s trading partners, borders and barriers of all kinds can be bridged by building on the base with digital payment means such as when using digital wallets.


BBILLER is delivering a solution to address serious deficiencies in the retail banking system.

Australia’s record in Money Laundering is a significant issue. We are working to clean up the Australian Banking Industry (and everywhere else). These two major Banks have been fined by the regulator:

Australia’s Westpac Banking was accused on Wednesday of 23 million breaches of anti-money laundering rules, with a regulator saying the financial giant enabled payments from “high risk” countries and convicted child sex offenders. … Shares in Westpac fell 2.2 percent, under-performing the wider share market.

As the transactions regulator AUSTRAC and CBA acknowledged as they announced the settlement of the case and a record $700 million civil penalty on Monday, “criminal syndicates rely upon money laundering syndicates to import and distribute their drugs”.$700-million-fine-money-laundering-breach/9831064

Fourth-ranked lender Australia and New Zealand Banking Group declined to comment on whether it was under investigation by AUSTRAC, while National Australia Bank, the third largest, was not immediately available for comment. Guilty or not Guilty – But does anything change – How many royal Commissions will it take?

Our smart contract for e-invoicing is ready for world-wide adoption, The contract lets anyone send a bill and be certain its received and paid without intermediates. Unfortunately the Governments of the World have decided to force all business onto a proprietary platform known as PEPPOL

BBILLER has been working closely with the regulators (Austrac RegTec – BBILLER invited to showcase our anti-money laundering Intellectual property Feb 18, Sydney), and business to determine a way forward.

Make it happen: BBILLER acquired the assets of Diamond Circle, a startup involved in the Bitcoin ATM industry:

(Note shareholders in Diamond Circle were transferred to BBILLER)

By combining the ATM and our Blockchain supply chain technology, we can address the needs of the consumer first and then pervade business and government with solutions which comply with laws and don’t require middlemen such as Banks, Brokers, Agents, are cost effective and best of breed.

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Our Product Range (In Development – On hold because of the Governments lack of foresight.

    • Instant Payments: No waiting, guessing or faking
    • Real Time Tracking: Query the blockchain to check status
    • End-to-End: Complete processing from the Ground to End Consumers
    • Transparent: Less Fraud, Better Compliance and Reputation.
    • Immutable: Forward Only, No change to History
      • Peer-to-Peer : No Third Parties
      • Secure Wallet : Access to your Money is in your hands
      • Encrypted : For your privacy & Security


ISO/IEC 15944-21

Conforms to ISO/IEC 15944-21 Information technology — Guidance on the application of the Open-edi business transaction ontology in distributed business transaction repositories

ISO/IEC 19845:2015

Information technology — Universal business language version 2.1 (UBL v2.1)

ISO/TS 24533:2012

Intelligent transport systems — Electronic information exchange to facilitate the movement of freight and its intermodal transfer — Road transport information exchange methodology.

Project Status

Our Blockchain Card – Never needs to be exchanged for National Currencies.

How does it work?

Bank free, Safe Custody, Multi-purpose transaction card on Blockchain

  • Pays a regular income from partner’s use of our B2B and B2C business applications for trading and payments
  • Share in our revenue when business and consumers trade world-wide.
  • Dividend paid directly from our blockchain smart contract – transparently and automatically, simply vote for your share.
  • Transfer tokenized assets such as property(houses), equity (stocks) and debt (finance) to other persons
  • Links money and electronic documents together on the blockchain ensuring proof of funds, delivery, agreements and ownership
  • Pay your bills in almost all currencies
  • Collect money from customers by requesting payment in their preferred currency and assets such as equities, blockchain credits or your own project type token.
  • Raise money on this platform to fund your supply and demand for trade and finance.
  • Recommend suppliers to be selected and paid for new work to meet your needs. (subject to public Ballot)
  • Send to a friend income producing assets, money and electronic documents
  • At call with bank grade security or on term deposit with your private custodian
  • Earn money from Referrals, paid to your card without manual decisions
  • Buy and sell Tokens in almost all currencies
  • Recommend enhancements, vote for the best application to meet the needs of token owners or propose your own projects and ask for community support collaborate as a mutual beneficial owner of BBILLER, without intervention of centralised management.

The Model -“B” – discontinued – See the Model X, Y and Z

No Bank ATM/Kiosk now available at your office for all staff, customers and suppliers to meet and settle their transaction needs.


  • Request Food, Clothing and/or Shelter
  • Uses the BBILLER debit card
  • Check Balance
  • Cash-out
  • Cash-in
  • Sell Assets for cash
  • Send money to a friend
  • Pay a bill
  • Swap anything for a token
  • Record a Barter Transaction
  • Post or Track a package
  • Propose a new application for your business (Add new devices or software)



BBILLER Smart contract (Ethereum ERC-20 – A Utility Token)


Company Registration

Business Register

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